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We are very excited about our new restaurant. The new interior is more open with lots of windows and a patio. The addition of our grill will cater to the many neighborhoods, ball fields as well as travelers from local hotels. Our menu will also include wine and beer to complement the food. We will continue serving our existing menu from a service line that is more contemporary in design and more efficient at displaying and keeping the food hot. The seating capacity at the new restaurant will be spacious especially when the weather allows outside seating on the patio. The outdoor dining will be augmented with bike racks for the many people riding bikes in the neighborhood. We want to be a full-service restaurant that caters to everyone who gets hungry.

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Rewards Program


Ate there for first time just me and wife. Meat loaf was amazing. So good I got for lunch 2 days later and that night brought my wife and kids. I also had meatloaf for 3rd time in week. It is a must go. Great price with first class food. I will definitely be a regular here. JOSH SULLIVAN
I came here to eat on my birthday. Grant used to own Pan Asia and my favorite dish used to be chicken and duck curry. I'm happy that he open his own restaurant. The food was excellent! I had the peanut butter pie, chicken tenders, mac n cheese and mashed potatoes. Please try the peanut butter pie. PHUONG TO
Awesome food and Excellent service. We first tried Grants at his food Truck, we loved it so much that we found his restaurant and brought the whole family. Everyone loved it including the kids which says a lot. I think Grant should try out for Chopped. I believe he would make a great contestant. Here's the link to apply. choppedcasting .com Thanks Grant for making excellent food. TRACY CLEMONS
I'm super impressed with Grant's Kitchen! Not only is the food great but the owner went above and beyond to help us with a somewhat last minute catering order. And he even let us use his commercial warmers so that the food wouldn't get cold during our event. Great customer service! ANDREA REID
This is one of our favorite places to have lunch in Jackson. We love the meatloaf and the chicken tenders. Their turnip greens are the best around, and the rest of their vegetables are delicious as well. Can't miss with Grant's, and you only pay about $1 more than what you would for a combo meal at a fast food place. ELISABETH SCOTT
Best food and best service...freshest salad bar which is hard to come by. Additionally, I love that the veggies are cooked with chicken stock instead of lard...much healthier way to cook! SEAN MARIE PARKMAN